Why Choose KIND-LY Natural Deodorant?

There's a lot to love about KIND-LY!  Here's some of the reasons you'll love our 100% Natural Deodorant range:


Aluminium is found in most commercial antiperspirants and deodorants. It clogs the sweat glands to prevent sweat, whilst also stopping the body's ability to expel toxins.  All KIND-LY deodorants are aluminium-free and instead use only natural ingredients to keep you dry.



Parabens can mimic hormones in the body and have been associated with disrupting the functions of the endocrine system.  Studies have also found this "synthetic estrogen" in fat cells, including breast tissue, as the body does not easily break it down.  Your body deserves better than this cheap, nasty, chemical preservative, which is why all KIND-LY products are paraben-free.



Magnesium neutralises any body odour while allowing you to perspire naturally. Probiotics contribute to the biodiversity and strength of your skin microbiome. The good bacteria in probiotics keep the bad (smelly) bacteria at bay.  



All KIND-LY products are made from only 100% natural and organic ingredients.  That means you also won't find any synthetic fragrances - only pure essential oils selected for their antimicrobial and aromatherapy benefits. 



No animals are used or harmed in the creation of any KIND-LY product.  We are PETA Certified cruelty-free & vegan and don’t test our products on anyone but ourselves and willing human friends!

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