Frequently Asked Questions

It sure does! Our formula is the result of many, many rounds of testing (on human guinea pigs - namely ourselves, family and friends!) to develop a formula that is extremely effective at neutralising odour, absorbing wetness and keeping you dry without the use of nasty ingredients such as aluminium, parabens, alcohol and synthetic fragrance. 🙌

Our deodorant helps to tackle the cause of body odour - bad bacteria in the pits - and replace it with good bacteria which can help to prevent body odour. We don't simply block the sweat glands and add a heap of chemical fragrance to try and mask body odour (like regular antiperspirants do).

Definitely not! KIND-LY products are free from any toxic chemical and made from only 100% natural and organic ingredients. Woohoo!

Yes, all of our products are completely free of animal ingredients and we're PETA Certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

No. We never have and never will test any of our products on animals. We only test our products on willing humans - ourselves, family and friends! We're PETA Certified Cruelty-Free and Vegan. 🐰

KIND-LY products are made using only pure essential oils. We do not use synthetic/artificial fragrances. The essential oils in our deodorants add a subtle scent and do not have an overpowering "perfume" smell that most people have become accustomed to with commercial antiperspirants.

It's also important to understand that essential oils do not have the same staying power or strength as chemical fragrance. Scent will be strongest when first applied and then gradually dissipate over a few hours, but this won't effect how our natural deodorant performs.

Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients and contain no toxins or other nasties. Wherever possible we choose certified organic ingredients, which are marked with an * on the product ingredient list. 🌿

We don’t use aluminum which blocks the pores to prevent the body's healthy process of sweating - this means KIND-LY technically isn’t an antiperspirant. However, our formula does contain natural plant powders and ingredients designed to absorb wetness and help to keep you dry, whilst still allowing your body to breathe and release toxins naturally. Also, once your body adjusts to not having sweat pores clogged with aluminium, you may even find you sweat less! 💦🙋🏻‍♀️

When transitioning from traditional antiperspirants to natural deodorant, some people experience a "detox" period. After years of using aluminium based products that block sweat glands, the body may expel these toxins once you stop using them. Some users may experience a fluctuation in odour, wetness and sensitivity. If you do experience a detox period, please continue with KIND-LY 100% Natural Deodorant as your body will adjust (usually within 1-2 weeks) and be healthier for it!  

To assist in the transition to natural deodorant, KIND-LY created The Armpit Detox - a 7 day armpit mask formulated to help draw out impurities and clear skin. After the 7 days, you may continue to use once per week for maintenance or whenever body odour is present.

Yes, our products are safe to use on children and the whole family. Our products do not contain any aluminium, synthetic chemicals, parabens, sulfates or harsh detergents, phthalates, artificial fragrances or colours. KIND-LY 100% Natural Deodorant is the perfect way to introduce deodorant to your children knowing that it's free from nasties. The essential oils in our deodorants create a subtle scent and do not have an overpowering "perfume" smell.  

As with any new product applied to the body, we would always recommend doing a patch test to ensure there will be no adverse reaction.

Yes, all KIND-LY packaging can be recycled.