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I absolutely love the lime and frankincense.
I recommend it to everyone looking for a new deoderant.

Smells amazing 🤩

Got the bundle and have noticed a change since using the roll-on deodorant, lasts longer through the day and the wipes are so handy. Thank you kindly xx

Great for on the go

Perfect to have in your bag when your on the go, a quick refresher and after the gym. Smells amazing and gets you nice a fresh!


I was quite surprised how it worked on me ,I have tried many different brands even have use a mens sport .
I am very happy

Love the smell

I’ve tried ‘natural’ deodorants before but ultimately I end up smelling like my own BO 😂 Not anymore! Now I smell like a touch of rose and geranium and I don’t sweat much either. I will be back!

Cypress and Sandlewood

Excellent product. Does the job well and smells fantastic.

Best natural deodourant

This is the best natural deodourant that I have used in conjunction with the armpit mask. Often natural deodourants stop working after a month or so but this one consistently works with my stinky pits.

Excellent Product

Bought these for my daughter and she loves them! Thank you :-)

100% Natural Deodorant - 5 Pack
Lauren M. (Sydney, AU)
Amazing product!

I have tried every scent and absolutely love them all, I was sceptical of trying natural deodorant and can now say they are an amazing product that I will continue to use. Very happy customer! 😀

Absolutely perfect

I am incredibly pleased to say that my first ever natural deodorant exceeded my expectations in every way! Very effective and smells amazing!

Great product

Excellent deoderant. Works very well & its great to know that it only has safe, natural ingredients

Deodorant wipes

I bought these for travelling. There are great for the in between times and long days at the airport and in the air.

Odour free

Love, love, love this product!
Great for this middle aged woman who is always hot and sweaty. Has given me confidence again between showers.
Thank you 😊

So handy!

Love these wipes, so convenient and really make you feel fresh and smelling nice. I like this fragrance too.

Rose & Geranium - 100% Natural Deodorant


I am so in love with my new find Lime & Frankincense

Not What I Expected

I love Kindly deodorant but this flavour doesn't smell like I expected. My favourite is Cyprus & sandalwood. Rose & geranium is also very nice.

The Best!

This is a natural deodorant that actually works! 100%.
Ive used many non natural AND natural deodorants and nothing works like Kind-ly. It lasts all day with no smell left on clothes AT ALL and it literally takes away all your BO. Crazy good.
I can't recommend them enough!!

Thank you for making such an amazing product.

The Armpit Detox
Cheryl H. (Melbourne, AU)
Detox heaven

Love this product. Have never used anything like it... actually didn't know that you could detox your armpits! Have used as directed and have noticed a massive difference in my skin tone and less armpit odour!
What's not to love about that!

The Armpit Detox
Katrina B. (Brisbane, AU)
No More Breathtakingly BAD Armpit Odour

Weeks after switching to natural deodorants, I was still waking each morning with shockingly bad, Armpit odour. (Thinking, thank God I'm not married. This would be impacting any spontaneous morning romance...).

After the first time using this product, the odour was significantly reduced. It's now been 5 days and the odour has gone!!

Thank you for your amazing product and assisting in my transition to a healthier body.

Strong smell pretty good overall, lasts for long time

Nice n natural

Love that it is natural
Smells delicious
It did feel a little sticky on a particularly hot humid day

Rose & Geranium - 100% Natural Deodorant

Very effective and smelling fresh all day long

It was my first time to purchased and use this one of a kind organic deodorant that literally works wonders on me. I was hesitant at first but I said to my self, try it and you'll see how it goes, I decided to give it a go, and yes it didn't let me
down at all. It works 24 hours even I was sweating from my yoga session. Highly recommended.

Powerfully earthy, fresh and woody

Absolutely love this deodorant, very grounding and natural.