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KIND-LY Reviews

Based on 524 reviews
Great to use

Love using this deodorant, smells lovely and easy to use.

I was sceptical

I was sceptical but after reading the reviews I thought I would give it a try as I had very high aluminum levels in my body and had to reduce my levels.
I'm now a convert I so happy with it, it might be expensive but the detox and deodorants are so worth it.

tried a few.

So i have for a long time had sensitive underarms, and used a wide spread of natural deodorants and this collection is the best. my favorite is the coconut and vanilla, then the lime, then a tie between lavender and rose. For me the sandalwood one is very manly so perfect for men but not me hehe. also the wipes are very smart. although u could be worried that they would just wipe off your deodorant its almost like your wiping more deodorant on so you dont actually need to carry your deodorant with you if you have wipes which is a very clever invention and massive space saver! Kind-ly have done a fantastic job i hope they join to mecca or sephora.


The 7 day underarm mask is amazing. I let my underarms grow out and usually I dont but my stench was awful, then i tried the mask and what a difference it made, not only did I not stink anymore but it felt so refreshed in my underarms and a little goes a long way, very happy with the results.

Actually works.

These actually work! Easy to use and carry about with you, and they work. So, just to be clear....they actually work. And they smell nice. And so will you.

Great deodorant roll

The deodorant roll is one of the best so far- love that is not a cream wax stick. The detox mask was ok, I shaved right afterwards and broke me out, would have been good to have on the package not to save following the detox as causes sensitivity! The wipes feed a bit meh, the wipe itself could have been better / or thicker quality- would definitely purchase the deodorant from the line again unless something more economical enters the market to be equally good

Rose & Geranium - 100% Natural Deodorant Wipes

Love this deodorant

I finally found a deodorant that works! This is my favourite fragrance.

Not a fan of the rose fragrance

I love this deodorant, but don’t really like the rose and geranium fragrance, it’s too strong. I much prefer the coconut one.

Really love this!

I love how small and convenient these are. I usually have these in my bag whenever I need to freshen up. They are life saving when I workout during my lunch break in the Office and I don't have time to shower. I also love using these when I need to meet people after work. Highly recommend :)

Good so far

This product is really good. I think it’s making a difference already.

Great scent

Love Kind-ly deodorants. Fresh scents and they work without all the nasties in them


Just feels great smells great and know your doing the right thing


Beautiful smell and product thank you 🙏🏽

Works well and Smells Lovely

This is great product and the scent is beautiful. Only problem is the white marks! I am learning to apply it a bit differently because the no aluminium is a must.

Product works well but I don’t really like the scent


I am blown away, this product could not work any better if it tried to! I am honestly amazed at the difference, zero smell!

No more stinky pits

I love this deodorant. I have tried so many. So happy I took a chance a bought these products 💕

Pleasant enough deodorant

Pretty good at combatting light BO, haven’t used under profuse sweating (however even non natural deodorant doesn’t fare well there so) have to reapply a bit more often than regular deodorant but no stickiness and no change in scent, just fades more than anything.

Lavender n bergamot deodrant

The best deodrant that I have tried. It doesn’t irritate and keeps you fresh and comfortable through the day.

Good Scent

Wanted a natural deodorant but also a great fragrance. Really like the Rose & Geranium scent

Armpit Detox

Bought this for my Grandson. He loves the Armpit Detox works a treat. No more smelly armpits


I love the product, but the probiotics has caused hives on my body. I'm still using it till my body bacteria sorts itself out

Kindly- Rose and Geranium 100% Natural Deodorant

Kindly Deodorants are the best natural deodorants I’ve ever used!

Confidence back!

I have honestly tried so many natural deodorants over the years and this one has been a game changer for me, along with cleaning up my diet and detoxing.. life saver!