Our friendly skin essentials are vegan, cruelty-free and proudly Australian made.

Containing only natural and organic ingredients, our award-winning 100% Natural Deodorant range and The Armpit Detox is free from aluminium, parabens, alcohol and other nasties.

KIND-LY: the answer to armpit happiness!

Our Founder

KIND-LY® was conceived after founder and CEO, Lisa Raciti identified a gap in the Australian market for an all natural deodorant, that actually worked. The countless women she spoke to all expressed similar views and frustrations: they all knew the dangers posed by aluminium and other chemical nasties in commercial antiperspirants and wanted to switch to a natural option, but just couldn't find one that worked!

Well, necessity is the mother of invention after all, and after persevering through many sweaty rounds of testing formulas, Lisa knew she'd finally struck a winner after rave reviews from her (willing human) testers.

KIND-LY deodorant was put through its paces during summertime in Brisbane, Australia. Through the sweltering heat and humidity, it lasted all day long with not even a whiff of B.O! And so, KIND-LY was born.

KIND-LY is taking natural deodorant mainstream. No longer just an "alternative" - natural is the new normal.