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The Australian-made KIND-LY range of natural deodorants is made with 100% natural ingredients, enriched with probiotics and magnesium, and is vegan and cruelty-free.  Essential oil roll-ons (lime and frankincense, cypress and sandalwood, lavender and bergamot, rose and geranium, coconut and vanilla) are fresh and fragrant (60ml $18.95; bundle of five, $89.95).  And for travellers, are quick and easy sachets of deodorant wipes to freshen underarms on the hop (pack of 20, $18.95).  For those super-serious about hygiene, try The Armpit Detox, a murky-looking mask to leave on for about 10 minutes; it's made with organic aloe vera leaf juice, lemongrass and virgin coconut oils, and "powered by" activated charcoal, bentonite clay and colloidal silver.  Maybe not for in-flight use, however (100g; $24.95).

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