Refinery29: Don't Sweat It: 8 Natural Deodorants That Do The Work

There’s been a lot of stink kicked up around natural deodorants and their efficacy, and it’s not just about natural vs. synthetic debates or environmentally friendly vs. unsustainable packaging. Where they draw confusion is in one ingredient: aluminium. 
Aluminium essentially works to block your sweat glands and thus, stop you from perspiring — hence the name antiperspirant. Where consumers often get confused is that deodorants work differently. They don’t actually stop you from perspiring, instead, working to kill or mask the odour-causing bacteria in sweat without blocking pores — hence the name deodorant
Aluminium has a bad rep due to medical research conducted over the years that suggests the blockage it causes can lead to buildups in our glands. But although there is still no concrete evidence to say that this leads to any cancers or health conditions, people are still wary. And, if you’re questioning all your previous use of aluminium-based antiperspirants, rest assured that your skin will naturally shed the aluminium from your sweat glands over time.
Still, as we embrace more eco-conscious beauty practices, natural deodorants have really stepped up their game, with more and more brands developing formulations that feel and smell incredible. For the best, tried and tested natural deodorants to stock up on before those humid days hit, click through for our edit.
A winner as far as scents are concerned, KIND-LY's range of essential oil infused natural deodorants utilise magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, arrowroot and probiotics to help neutralise odours and absorb moisture.


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