Herald Sun: Natural Deodorant Review: What It's Like To Switch From Antiperspirant

KINDLY Natural Deodorant Review Herald Sun
As someone who considers themselves a VSP (Very Sweaty Person), the thought of switching to natural deodorant was daunting.
As a VSP I regularly double back home if I forget to put deodorant on and would never consider “skipping” my antiperspirant, even on a cool day.
But I became intrigued by the recent burst in natural offerings after hearing anecdotes from friends who swore the change had just made them feel somehow better.
As someone who used to hack their armpit hair to death with a razor daily during their teens (thanks, society’s impossible beauty standards!) the thought of rehabilitating my poor underarms was appealing.
I decided to try two different natural deodorants for the switch: KINDLY ......

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