GQ: The Best Men's Natural Deodorants Will Keep You Feeling Fresh, Without The Chemicals

GQAustralia KIND-LY Best Men's Natural Deodorant

In recent years, all manner of solutions have been put forward to help both men and women keep their most pore-induced regions feeling and smelling their best without making use of myriad heavy metals and chemicals. We even tried an armpit mask last year.

But only recently has natural deodorant come to a point where it feels like it can make a genuine case to replace the Rexona roll-on you've come to rely on so much in recent years. And while natural deodorants are still largely marketed to women, more and more natural deodorants are now being released with decidedly more masculine scents, aiming to give men an option beyond what's usually found in the hygiene aisle of your local supermarket.

It's probably fair to say at this point that natural deodorants still don't pack quite the potency of a genuine anti-perspirant — so if excessive sweat is your issue, you may find it best to keep a bottle of something stronger in your gym bag. But for day-to-day use, these natural options make a strong case for a permanent place in your bathroom cabinet.

KIND-LY Natural Deodorant

KIND-LY are gradually coming to dominate the space for more affordable natural deodorants, providing roll-ons and even armpit wipes that deliver on scent without including any Aluminium, parabens, alcohol or synthetics. Our pick is the fresh, masculine Cypress and Sandalwood scent.

GQAustralia KIND-LY Best Men's Natural Deodorant Cypress Sandalwood

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