en Route: NOW Is The Perfect Time To Detox Your Armpits


If you’re not so keen on adding vinegar to your pits, then you can do what I did and grab yourself The Armpit Detox by Kind-ly which has a mixture of natural ingredients, essential oils, bentonite clay and smells lovely! I felt a slight minty tingle when I first applied it, but after the second application, I felt nothing at all.

If you ask me, should you go cold turkey or detox to transition into natural deodorant…I’d say obvi the detox! 

The Armpit Detox by Kind-ly only lasts 7 days, however, my overall efforts to do it cold turkey had me worried sick for 6 weeks especially when I had to go to the gym (you really can’t hide your armpits when you work out)

Once you’ve detoxed your armpits, choosing a deodorant to keep the smell at bay is paramount, but not the types from supermarket shelves as some brands contain nasties like man-made synthetic antibacterial chemicals, synthetic fragrances and ingredients (this is probably why I started sweating so much when I went cold turkey).


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