en Route: 9 Of The Best Aluminium Free Deodorants

Before you sweat at the thought of swapping out your antiperspirant for a natural deodorant, know that it is probably for the best.
Natural deodorant will not stop you from perspiring but will allow your body to function as it should. You wouldn’t have cereal without milk (unless it’s Nutri-Grain), so why would you want to stop your body from eliminating toxins?
If this is your first time down the natural route, then you should probably detox your pits first with Kind-ly’s Armpit Detox. We know too well that natural deodorants can be a tricky product to get used to, but it truly works. This is why you’ll find a round-up of 9 of our favourites to prove that natural deodorant can be for everyone. Even at the sweatiest of times.

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