Daily Mail: Forget Your Face! A $25 Mask For Your UNDERARMS Promises To 'Detox' The Area After Years Of Using Aluminium-Based Deodorants

Forget your face! A $25 mask for your UNDERARMS promises to 'detox' the area after years of using aluminium-based deodorants.

An Australian company has launched a clay-based underarm mask that claims to 'detox' your pores after years of using aluminium-based antiperspirants.

As the world moves towards more natural and environmentally-friendly beauty products, KIND-LY is championing the trend for those who want to give their pits a bit of extra care.

Their $24.95 'armpit detox' is made to be applied daily for two weeks - or until you feel as though any irritation like bumpiness or redness has subsided - and then weekly as a maintenance treatment thereafter.

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