Bondi Beauty: Making The Switch To Natural Deodorants


Making the switch to using natural deodorants can be difficult at first, but there are ways to help get you through it, by detoxing the armpits.

Detoxing the body from mainstream deodorants can be challenging, and certainly the most difficult part people face is the smell and sweat normally associated when you stop wearing deodorant.

This is because mainstream deodorants, are designed to block the pores of the underarm area. Though favoured by most, as it means no moisture shows, it’s not good for the body, as it traps in toxins which would normally perspire from the pores.

When you stop using mainstream deodorants, trapped toxins begin to come out through those pores, potentially creating a nasty detoxing smell. It can be enough to turn you off natural deodorants. And I’m speaking from experience.

I spent a long 4 weeks completely detoxing from my everyday deodorant. I am now going onto five months of using natural deodorants. 

To help you get through the detox process, there are armpit detoxing products designed to clear toxins faster, by cleansing the pores of the underarm area, all whilst neutralising any bad smells along with it.

Kind-ly The Armpit Detox RRP $24.95 is a clay mask for the underarms. Though it feels a little strange when drying under the armpit, it works well to draw out any impurities in the skin, reducing toxins, helping your body to adjust faster to no more deodorants. It can be used daily for 7 days in a row, and a little goes a long way.


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